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In or out ?

Inner or Outtie

Having worked in the beauty industry and working in the holistic industry, has let me to see that generally people will look after the outer self rather than the inner self, would you chose to have your nails looking beautiful or spend the money on a back massage for your back that you receive a lot of pain from, or seeking a life coach or image consultant, I can say a lot of people will go for the outer beauty before they will spend any time, or money on the inner beauty and health. A pedicure instead of reflexology, a facial instead of Indian Head massage, there is nothing wrong with making sure you feel good on the outside as this helps with self-esteem, body image and confidence, after all I do have a background as a beautician and a hairdresser and I like to look good, but I really don’t care if I don’t put make-up on to go and collect the kids from school, what makes true confidence is the inner-self, there are really a few subjects here, health , self confidence and body image.

There are ways to get it all without spending the earth on it, for instance a back massage, ask your partner to give your ache muscles a rub, all though this won’t be the same as a professional massage it will help alongside a nice hot bath with some essential oils, if you would still like a professional massage ask just for a back massage instead of the full body, for instance most therapist myself included offer back massage only instead of a full body massage, this could save you up to £20. Wanting to just clear your mind, relax and let go, why not try a little meditation, just sitting a room where you won’t be disturbed with soothing music will help, or buying a guided meditation will give you more focus. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t spend time and money on their outer self; just don’t forget the inner self as well.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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