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6 Tips to bring positive vibes your home

Power of the simple things you can do in your home to lift its vibrations.

Bring your home some positive relief.

1- De-clutter, yes every of area of your home, by doing your realising the old and getting rid of things that no longer need or serve you, take your time going through a room at a time, that also unfortunately means a spot of cleaning as well, a clean house a clear mind.

2- Once you have let go of material items you can , move onto any negative energy that could of built up in the home, by smudging, take a smudge stick, light it and walk around each round letting the smoke fill each corner, open the windows letting the smoke and any old stagnet energy out.

3- Add colour, colour has a big impact on our daily lives, it can envoke and effect our emotions and feelings, by placing some lovely flowers in a room gives instant colour, or some cushions and so, these little touches go a long way in bringing in some brightness into the home.

4- Music, a bit like colour music envokes and effects the vibrations within your home, if your playing good feel sounds and having a jiggle along all the better, I love putting on my fave tunes whilst I'm cooking, letting my soul indulge in the high vibes that music can bring.

5- Ask your angel guide, we all have a guide in the higher realms and they will help you in cleansing your home, bringing clairty and brightness moving forward, sit in a quiet place for a few minutes and visualize a white light that surrounds you, ask your angel to walk around your home with you, visualzing a white light filling the home from the inside out.

6- Add plants to your home, they literlly bring in fresh air into your home, cleansing and clearing out unwanted energy, planting herbs such as rosemary outside your front door brings in a protective energy, plants bring in lots of different elements from healing properties like the aloe vera, absorbing excess moisture like the peace lily, cleaning the air you breathe like the spider plant, and they respond to energy in your home.

Bright Blessing

Tina x

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