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Showing Gratitude will help you Manifest faster.

Show the love to the universe and reap the rewards

You do truly have to be grateful for this to work properly, I’m wanting you think why your being grateful, it can be something really small to the big things that happen in life, for example making yourself a hot drink in the morning, being grateful that you have electric to power your kettle, that you have the funds to buy the coffee/tea, milk sugar, we take for granted the simple things in life as a given, but people that live on the streets for example do not have this ability to get up and pop the kettle on, so this is why you can have a think on a little deeper on the meaning on being grateful, your being mindful of the world around you, and what you have in it.

30-day Gratitude Journal Challenge

The act of being grateful is also brings in positive energies that will help with overall metal health, you can also put daily affirmations in your journal and make the next an epic positive experience, it is know that the subconscious brain does take on the messages you say when it’s repeated after some time, taking a moment to face yourself in the mirror and saying I’m beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, you can put several affirmations in the journal or repeat the same one, chose something that you are struggling with, show yourself some love and gratitude for those different things that make you who you are, what is it that you love about your mind, your body and your spirit.

Things you can write in your journal

You can be grateful for so many things here are some examples

Your Children Grandchildren Love partners Friends Other loved ones Write down there names and also write down what it is that your grateful about them, chose one to three names a day. Food/drink Hobbies Books Films

With whatever you chose over each day of the next 30 days, always give a little reason why your grateful, I’m am grateful for my Dogs, because they give me unconditional love and joy.

Your house, perhaps different areas of your house for different reasons, for example I love and I am very grateful for my bedroom, it is a place that I can relax in and feel the most comfortable, I’m thankful for my bed and the warm covers and so on. Thinking on happy memories and being grateful for those times. When the universe does reward you, say thank you, for example I often ask for parking spaces for where I’m going to and I always get one, and I always say a quick thank you to the heavens. And the list can go on……

You also can add images, find quotes that resonate with you, your building a positive experience that will help you to bring in transformation and the universe will help you with your manifestation journey

Bright Blessings on your manifestation journey

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