Indigo Psychic Academy

Monthly Themes throughout the year.


6 month course 2 Themes

1. The foundations of psychic development.

2. Meditation.

3. Connect to your Guide.

4. Oracle Cards.

5. Divination's.

6. Signs from Spirit.

7. How to decode a reading.

8. Different styles of reading.

9. Manifestation.

10. Personal spiritual growth.

11. Connect to your Angels.

12. Create your own Magick.

Monthly Live Psychic Development Circles

I will lead you through a short meditation each month and help you connect with your spirit guides and see what messages come through.

​​Hi I'm Tina and I have worked as a 

clairvoyant medium for roughly 15 years now, and I have been a spiritual teacher for nearly as long, I'm a natural clairvoyant and I get real joy in teaching people to reach their full potential in connecting to the spirit world.








This is a exclusive offer that will only

be offered this year.

 66.66 for the 6 month that works out as 11.11 a month.
Choose from paying in full type 66.66 with pay now button, or pay monthly 11.11 with the subscription button    

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