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Bring some Clarity in your Life Now

Bringing Clarity into your Life.

Are you wondering what to do next?

I know there are times where we can't see the woods for the trees and everything around seems it's covered with fog, we're in the middle shouting for help, a way out, we fight and claw but still find ourselves unable to move forward.

Here are some simple steps for you to take to clear the pathway.

Write, Write and Write some more....

So, I hear you say what do I right, well here are a few suggestions that I asked spirit to give me for you on bringing clarity in your life.

Write, Ideas, thoughts, feelings anything and everything, you can simply let the mind go, it doesn't

matter what you write, this is called monkey writing, and a good way to clear out all the clutter of the mind. Do this exercise for about 15-30mins, then go back over whatever written and see if anything repeats, stands out or resonates with you.

Then get more detailed, perhaps you want to start a new project but you are not clear on what or how to go about it all, again write like above but keep roughly to what the problem is your having, don't get to caught up, write the ideas, the pros and cons to each idea.

"The Pen is mightier then the Sword "

Write a letter to your younger self, what would you tell the teenager self, what advice would you tell her/him, why not tell them how far you've come, what you have achieved.

Write a letter to those that have caused you hurt and pain, letting go what no longer serves you, this exercise helps you with dealing with the pain caused, giving some outlet, you can burn the letter and let the ashes fly free to the wind.

Write a letter to those that have inspire you, tell them what it is that they did for you, what do you feel, embrace the feeling of the lesson learnt, the good, the kindness and so on.

Phew I'll give your fingers a rest from either typing or holding a pencil, by the way I do recommend the pencil to paper method before the typing, but either way is OK.

Meditation- you can sit somewhere in the quiet and listen to relaxing music, don't expect your mind to be blank that is impossible, if you’re like me and need a bit more than the music to get into meditation try a guided meditation.

Deep Breathing, you can do this with the relaxing music like above in meditation, the deep breath is another form of meditation, simple sitting or lying down and taking in a deep breathe through the nose, holding for a few seconds and slowly breathe out, it does take time to do this, yes breathing takes time :), if your body is not use to deep breath then you can feel light headed and dizzy, so only do this for a short time at first.

Be true to yourself, it's easily done, but we put others before ourselves, and that's not a bad thing. but sometimes we let others views and options take over, we lose whom we are and where we wanted to take ourselves, that's why it's a good to have a look at the younger self, yes, we grow and change, and what we wanted as our younger self’s is completely different, but somewhere there was a truth in what makes you. Getting back in touch of the goals and aims and most importantly dreams, brings in the clarity, does that mean you will suddenly dump the husband and move to France nope, you’re looking at being true whom you are with balance of how your life is now and how you can bring in change for the better.

Show yourself love and Compassion, like above we put others before self’s, and that goes for showing love and compassion, we are our own hardest

Give yourself time off, we all need a moment to our self’s, it’s not going to hurt to have a little time, letting it all go, watching a film for a couple of hours or reading a book, I say these because it needs to be something where you can turn off the brain, I know that when I’m getting into a film or book the rest of the world, I’ve truly tuned out and I can give everything a break for a short time, knowing that I will come back to it all, with a sense of knowing that I can put my thoughts away for a time.

Treat yourself, this can be done in may ways, yes, a massage is lovely and one of the ways I like to treat myself, but you can treat yourself in many ways, simply taking yourself away from it all, I love to take a walk in the summer time along a local lake and woods, I pass by the horses and breath in the tranquility and ground myself, this is a form of treating yourself, but I could go on , each to their own, but a true treat doesn’t have a comeback, i.e. clothes shopping on the credit card, when you don’t have the funds, eating loads of chocolate, only to feel guilty later, make sure it’s a true treat.

Clairvoyant Reading, as a reader myself I can not give myself a clear full detailed reading, yes, I can get little things here and there, and I do have a knowing about somethings, but I’m like anyone else in the world, I have lessons to learn, I fall down the rabbit hole just like anyone else and have to find my way out and bring in the clarity to my own life, I love doing readings, but I also love having readings, I have since the age of 16, and I personal have many clients that are readers themselves, we’re all in the same boat. You can also have life coaching, spiritual coaching, these sessions help you to focus in detail where you need to head, as well as the Psychic reading, I like both although I do love a little bit of Woo Woo.

Bright Blessings

Tina xx

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