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What are Soul Mates?

We all have several soul mates throughout our life time, these soul mates can and often do show up in many forms, lovers, friends, and family members can also be your soulmates, you can also have more than one soulmate lover in one life time, perhaps you’ve met someone and its beautiful connection and it goes well for a long time but you drift or grow apart for whatever reason and your left thinking well they were never my soulmate then, but that is not always the case, it often that your drawn back towards a soul that you’ve met in another life, they were meant to be in your life for that amount of time and it was time for you both to move on until the next life, you then can go onto meet the next soul, it can be said that a person meets there soul mate and doesn’t know why they are drawn towards this person, there a pull, something that keeps you in place towards this person, this is different from when there is any kind of abuse, when a person is in abusive relationship and feels that they aren’t able to pull away, there are many reason behind this but it won’t be because they have met there soulmate, this pull might be that you might not feel the initial attraction, or the spark of lust, but your drawn more towards them as a person and the attraction grows in after you get to know them, it could be that your with them and you’re the complete opposite and your just thinking why am I with the person when we don’t have much in common, but the love your feel is bright and pure, and the thought of leaving them is crushing to you. Your friend can also be a soulmate, for instance you join a club or course and find a new friend, you hit it off instantly, it’s like you’ve known each other all your life’s, they get you and you get them, you are meeting a soulmate, again like the lovers it doesn’t mean that you will stay in touch with each other, although often you do, remember soulmate often bring in something we need to learn or they appear just as you needed the support. Family members, sisters, brothers, parents , your child, for example, you and your mother are more like best friends then mother and daughter, they have your back and you theirs, but it’s more then that because often family are like that anyway, I think a family member that is a soulmate feel stronger then the normal relationship, like a what we think a traditional soulmate, there is a knowing, it feels like something more, something special, it expands beyond your love for them as a mother, father, sister, brother…., you are connected by many life times.

Twin Flames, unlike soul mates you will only have one twin flame, it is said that when you came into being you were made up of the divine feminine and masculine and these two parts become separate into two souls that are joined from the this first union, when you meet your twin flame they are literally the other half of you and you to them, this is making you feel whole and complete, think of the couple whom meet and never part from each other, they spend their life time together and past into the spirit world within months of each together, the old couple that still holds hands and are celebrating being together 50 years and beyond, you are looking at twin flames.

Soulmate Reality

I wish I could say that it’s all skipping and dancing, joy and laughter, but often its not like that and you have face what life throws at you, the difference between twin flames and soul mates, is that despite what life does throws at you, twin flames will band together finding anyway to stay strong together, asking for outside help, working things through whatever way they can, does it mean that it all goes smoothly the answer is no, life is about growth and lessons, and the relationship will be tested in either situation, soul mates can come in your life for a period of time for guidance, support, lessons for good or bad.

I met my husband at the age of 16 and married at the age of 20, we have been together for 22 years as of this year 2019, we both strong willed, both Scorpio’s and it not always an easy match, we are the complete opposites of each other, we’ve been at breaking point a good few times over the years, but the love, passion and pure beauty of our love is still as strong as it was when we first met, since the day we met, we’ve virtually been inseparable.

Much Love and Blessing to you all xx

Tina x

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