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Start your 2019 with a January Cleanse

Cluttered house, Cluttered Mind, or so the saying goes...

I personally find the first month of the year to be most frustrating, as the Christmas decorations are still up within the first week, my kids and husband love them to stay up until the kids go back to school, we have all the new presents about, and the big one setting good intentions for the new year to come.

So I do a cleanse, starting with my bedroom, this is the one place in my house that is truly mine, it’s where I love to go and just have some me time, and it's also where I do alot of my work from, I have put my essence into this room, I start by the really boring stuff and clean blahhhh, but it needs to be done, I then move onto sorting out draws and things that I no longer want or need, and things such as clothes that I haven’t worn for instance yep another boring job, but to bring clarity within the mind it’s a good starting place is to clear your home, I will go back over the entire month and sort out all draws in different rooms, we’re a family of six, so it can take some time to get the cleanse into full swing, I will do a mini sage cleanse on my bedroom and set up my manifestation alter and my alter for my general work and life, I will go back and do a cleanse of the whole house once all rooms are complete. You can also do a salt cleanse by placing sea salt in four corners of each room and at the front and back doors for 24hrs then hover it all up, making sure you empty your hover before its next use, there are many ways to bring in positivity to your home and I will do this in more detail in another blog.

The idea behind this is we’re releasing what no longer serves us and removing any built-up negative energies and allowing fresh positive energy in, closing one door to open another.

Start your 2019 with a gentle push towards bringing in clarity and manifestation for the whole year and not just for January.

Short but sweet I hope it goes some way into getting you in the woo woo of the new year :

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

So, mote it be xx

Tina Roberts

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