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Can you give a Psychic Reading using colour?

What colour can mean within a Psychic Reading

As a reader, I often see colours for my clients and they can mean different things for each one, it's all about connection to the vibes and energy, there are standard feels for each colour, they all invoke something, I may feel that it’s for healing which for me is green, love which can be different shades of pink depending on the message for instance light pink is self-love, whilst a deeper pink is more towards outside love relationships and so on, confidence is yellow, courage is orange, you start to build up these impressions with colour the more you work with spirit, I often will link the chakra colours along with colours that come in, so if you have some knowledge of what the colours of the chakra means this will also help you to get a feel of the colour meaning.

Colour is in everything we do, think of branding, when a business wants to say something without words they do it with colour and images, when you think of the brand, you will think of the colour that goes along with the brand, they also work hard to evoke some emotional response from you, lets' look at what some more colours mean.

Red- fire, passion, grounding, high energy, hot.

Blue- Balance, Healing, Communication, calm, cool.

Purple- Protection, Royal, Rich, Spiritual, Meditation, cool.

Green- Healing, Harmony, nature, Money, Spiritual, Cool


So, in a reading I will be given colour in many different ways, one being that spirit cover the client in a cloak of the colour and this meaning that it is them that is receiving the colour, it's a deep meaning that they need to take on board, often for myself when I see green for someone then this is healing, and this then can lead onto what the healing is about, why they need it and so on,

When I have taught people psychic development I always give what it means for me, but more importantly I need to know what it means for you, what is the sense the emotions it's given, you have to search the feel of its meaning, it goes with what it personally invokes in you as well as what you feel in the moment from spirit.

You can also be reading a person’s Aura, what colour is around a person, there energy, says a lot about what they are as a person, what maybe going on with them in that moment, I do kind of cheat, and ask spirit to tell me the persons aura colours if I'm doing an aura reading, I can also do it by looking, but I don’t' want start staring and squinting at person, but given a enough practice you would be able to see a person’s aura more clearly.

Each person is made up of energy and interwind with that is colour, so it's quite an important part of us as human beings, and a way for you to start practicing readings.

Bright Blessings

Tina xx

if your interested in a reading with me, take a peek at my website or come and say hello at my Facebook page

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