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8 Ways you can boost your Manifestation skills.

8 Ways you can boost your Manifestation Skills.

1- Lift your vibes man, not in the way your probably thinking :), Music, dance, singing laughter, the pleasure of watching your favorite film or listening to some upbeat sounds lifts the soul, the simple act of having a good laugh with friends or at a comedian, in these moments its a good time to think or write what it is your wanting.

2-Visualitation- you can start it with very simple techniques and work towards a more detailed vision . Go google images or pinterest and look at all the images of the idea of what you want to manifest, each time you see the perfect image for you take a moment to take it in, feel it, what does the image show you, close your eyes and see it in the minds eye for a few moments.

3- Make a vision board- this can be done with cutting out magazines and a board, which I do recommend, but you also can do this on your laptop, and again pinterest is great for the online boards, I love the physical act of searching through old mags and books, cutting and pasting them on my board, I usually make a magical paint and use a art canvas board. Making your own magical spray- this will depend on what you want to manifest, I personally get a spray bottle and add water, red paint- as I want to add passion and the fire element, add essential oils of your choice (internet search for the right intention) I do a new board on a new moon, as this is the time to start the thoughts of what you want, spray your board and let it dry, add your images, words and place in a place you will see daily.

4- Get Creative- This is a bit like the music feel good, but here your going to tap into a creative part of yourself and yep even you can only draw a stick lady, this is still a creative expression, believe me after going to a art museum in Manchester and seeing art that my four year old could do, I'm sure we all can produce our own masterpieces, this is all about the freedom of inner expression, feeling what you want to happen whilst you slap some paint on a canvas, whilst you sew, knit, build a princess castle out of Lego, doesn't matter, getting out of the material world for a while helps with getting into a new state of mind.

5- Let it go, let it go, yep I am actually singing that bloody song whilst typing this, quite simply put, do all the above and let it go to the universe, yes you can let it cross your mind when you look at your board you can reinforce the want, but overall don't dwell, linger or stalk the universe, sometimes it happens very fast, other times it can take many years to manifest, don't get to caught up or dis-hearten when it doesn't come knocking at your door the next day, I have manifested things super quick, such as asking for a space in busy traffic, or a parking space is one of my fave things to ask for, other times it's been years, example I have always wanted since 6 years old a chihuahua, this has something I've never let go of, since seeing my mum's friends Chihuahua Ben, Let's say over 30 years later and Christmas present was my beautiful Nyxie a long haired Chihuahua. Don't be dishearten, I know you've just read that and thought bloody hell I've got to wait that long, that is just an example of many, I've manifested lots of things with all different time frames, such as needing a car that will get me from A to B and won't break down on me, I got got that car within a few weeks and yes it was what I asked for, I was tired of picking up rubbish cars, that gave me problems, so I got specific with my needs and got what I asked for to the letter, that car never broke or caused me any problems.

6- Be very specific in what your asking for - some examples for you, I ask everyday about having somewhere to park and I always get a space, you do have to be specific, as I could say I need parking at the local shops and get the most awkward space ever, but I still got it, so when you do any asking, be detailed, I usually say please can I have a parking space (insert where you want it ie the doctors) please can it be a space that I can easily get in and out of. Asking for loads of money, you could win £200 when you were more thinking £20000, but what is loads of money, what is success, what is a large house, these things can be different to each of us, look at the detail.

7- Be Grateful- being grateful is a very important of life, it brings balance into our life's and I know there are times when we feel bad, we're not having a good time of it, let's rock the good days and when you wake and before bed try to see what your grateful for, on the bad days, still look for the silver lining, what is the most basic thing you can be grateful for, perhaps the roof over your head, family or friends, there is always a little something to be grateful for, being grateful your alive.

8- Shush, keep it to yourself- many a millionaire has told the tale of law of attraction in there own way and it a lot of ways it's a good thing to keep it to yourself, I'd say this is more for business projects, new opportunities, It's fine to tell those that are close to you, but perhaps sharing to all on social media can wait a little while.

Nyxie, My beautiful Manifested Chihuahua.

Bright Blessings

Tina & Nyxie xx

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