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Is it all in my Head?

I have taught many people over the years in development circles and every single person has come up against this question, is it all in my mind, am I making this up, am I really communicating with spirit and I was one of them, even though I could talk to spirit as a young child, when I became an adult I started to ask how do I know if this is me or them?

The child had no doubt, I just gave what I saw, gave what I felt, no questions, the child doesn't really have the logical mind and just feels, I never lost any ability with spirit but I had to rewrite myself and how I worked with spirit.

When my students have asked me the same question, I say that it takes time to get to know the spirit voice as it's part the lessons, and you need to remove the doubt that an adult has in themselves, as you keep up your meditations and as you move through development circles the stronger the voice becomes, I had this becoming an adult, letting go of doubt in myself and in that I was still open to spirit but the adult mind wanted more answers to prove this communication, there is just a knowing to the communication with the higher realms, as you all will learn this, just a part of you clicks into that higher vibration you will know, trust me that everyone that takes this journey does find that inner voice is different then spirit voice, and they do things that you would most certainly know is not you, for instance I have them calling my name inside my head and outside too, I have heard things that I know without a doubt are not me and so will you.

Here's an exercise for you to try...

if you have oracle cards sit with them and pull three cards for yourself or another, the trick here is not to over think this, just feel, start to say what you feel, as you grow in confidence the stronger the senses, feelings and the knowing becomes.

If you don't have cards try and sit for a few moments and just start to write, write anything that comes in, doesn't have to make sense at all, but over time you will start to get a greater sense of spirit, you will be stronger and more confident in your spiritual growth the more you practice, meditation, giving either yourself a reading or maybe family and friends, join a development circle, just know spirit are with you and always will, they show you the signs along the way and the more open you are to the possibilities of spirit the more sense these will make for you.

Bright Blessings

Tina x


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