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Writing for Your Soul

Writing Therapy

Writing for your soul, the written word holds power, the power to release, the power to move someone’s emotions, cry, laughter and even anger. Writing down your daily thoughts at the end of your day is a good therapy, releasing any negative emotions and letting them go, inspirational thoughts are great to pop down as you can come back to them and expand and they enable you to grow and move forward. Funny things that have happen to you are lovely to relive when you are having a down day, also gorgeous memories are not just lovely for you to look back on your future generations, why not write your thoughts and feelings on when you had your children, wedding day, when you met your partner, won something, your first day at work, so may memories. Would you like to write a book, fact or fiction, would you like to write poetry, maybe put your words to a song?

Here’s a exercise for you, get a blank piece of paper, and just write, doesn’t matter what it is, anything at all,, you simple let go and write.

Your writing can be just for you, your secret diary, it’s about releasing the mind of tangled thought, so you can move forward with clarity, think about clearing a room of clutter, you know when your trying to get to sleep and your mind is going on and on and on, you just can’t turn, here’s a exercise for you in those moments. Have a journal/note book beside your bed and write down those things that won’t go away, doesn’t matter if it’s something silly, or your shopping list for next day, write it down and then see if that helps.

Bright Blessings

Tina Roberts x (indigowings)

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