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Is the Animal Kingdom sending you a message?

I was sitting in the back garden on a beautiful sunny day, just about to do some videos for my FB page, when I was going through my feelings with spirit wanting a sign from them that I am on the right path, that I am doing the right thing, when a dragonfly landed on my laptop and sat for a few seconds and flew off, along with that I go another thing happen that confirmed my question, and I was like wow spirit have given me an answer, they are listening and want to show you there support.

It got me thinking about messages through the animal kingdom, as I know that spirit use animals within readings for different reasons, and they can show you signs with animals, only a few years ago, I kept getting butterflies in the house, I love butterflies and in a message from another reader, she told me that butterflies are all around me and spirit are sending them, butterflies are a symbol of transformation, much like the dragonfly, they both symbolise change.

I also had a little red robin that would be very bold and land just outside my back window and sat there for a good while, it did this every day for weeks, and in the spiritual world, Robins are a sign that a loved one from spirit is watching out for you.

There are many times I can think back on and just at a time I’m thinking of something, having questions in life, I have received a symbol in the form of an animal of some sort.

You can also ask spirit to send you messages with the help of the animal kingdom, by sitting quietly and thinking on your question, sending your thoughts out to loved ones or the universe they often want to answer back to you, have patience and see what comes in for you.

Taking a walk in nature you can also see the signs that animal kingdom bring in for you, if you happen to see a animal or bug that comes quite close, perhaps it sits quietly near you for a time, there is so much information now that you can simple google and know the answer to what the message you were being sent.

I hope you can be guided by the animals as I have been over the years, I'd love to hear your messages, pop onto my facebook page and let me know,

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog, til next time. xxx

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