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Simply Positive

Positive Expectation

We all go through life with up's and downs, some more than other's, so what do we do to bring us back around to feeling that being happy is OK, that the rug is going to be pulled from underneath you, the moment you relax.

Two ways of looking at it really, do you live your life unhappy and waiting for the next negative thing to happen, or do you snatch those special moments, with all that you are.

I felt the need to write this, because through my readings I come across this often, and spirit want you to live in the present, enjoy what you can, learn what you can.

He's some ways to get the positive in your life, very simple things.

Colour- believe it or not has a huge impact on your metal health, close your eyes and breath deep, ask for colours, what do you see, let the colours wash over you, envision breathing them in. If you don't want to necessary dress in bright colours, where can you add them in your life, flowers, crystals, jewellery and so on, go on be daring and bring a punch of brightness to your world.

Smell, yes smell, it invokes so many things around you, when you pass someone in the street and they have nice perfume on, you notice, smells invoke memories, and bring a goodwill feeling.

It's why people bake cakes, and coffee, when trying sell there homes, trying to bring a sense of goodwill to the buyer.

Who do you surround yourself with, positive people, negative people, maybe a mixture, I had a lady ask me recently should she stay in touch with a close relation, this relation is very negative person, even destructive. Just because there is a blood relation, doesn't mean that you should be obligated to have a relationship with that person, if you are unhappy, miserable then no. Set yourself free, be positive with positive around you.

Get out and about, rain or shine, the fresh air and exercise is proven to lighten the mood. Join clubs, take up new hobbies, seek out like minded people, even if it's online, although it's better in person. Being lonely is a big thing in bringing your mood down, don't cut yourself off from the worldworld around you.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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