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Spiritual Blockage

Alot of things happen in your life that effect the daily outcome, all boil down to three things Relationships', Health and Money. I have to say that I'm going through my very own Spiritual block, which started with writer's block, I could not think of anything at all to write about, I come to realize that it was also other parts of my life that were effected, I simply lost all motive without truly realizing it, whilst I thought I was going all out I'll now admit that I wasn't. Here's a few example: I am a Holistic Therapist and a Clairvoyant Medium, and I put a few things on facebook, and Twitter, I have my own blog, and I have a friend that owns a salon, which I'll go and spend a few hours there to let people know what I do , whilst all these things are good, was I really trying hard enough, was I going all out, the answer is NO. I don't put things about what I do online on a regalur basis, I don't really go on about what I do to people, I don't sell myself. Being a Holisitc person, a spiritual person, I was negelecting this part of me, whilst helping others to learn to meditate to connect to their inner self, I have not meditated for a good while, I have not given myself Reiki, I was not opening up to the spiriual world for myself. I love all aspects of the spiritual world and giving reading is simply a joy, I also enjoy recieving readings. But was I honouring myself NO. I can also say that it has effected my relationships as well, I'm running around after four children and a husband that suffers from different health issus (nothing Seroius), I not going to personal stuff here, but I can say that I unknowingly lost myself, letting others take control and just been immesersed in the daily grim of life, whislt thinking I'm making progress when I'm not. What do all these things have in common ? I was neglecting my needs and I know that we all do this, and I have to say that to have children you have to be a selfless person, but not to the detrument of your spiritual being, because all things effect the inner you, be it material or not. I often teach that life is about balance in all areas, which is a lesson I seem to have forgotton. Well I here you saying what you going to do.... Urm I can't afford or have the time for a lovely retreat, so I'll have to make my own. Here's some advice for you, sit down in a quiet area and truly exam if your life is in balance are you honouring you. Mind, Body and soul. Here's a few things I'll start to do, spiritual, matertial and other Meditate at least once a week, don't forget you can also do a walking meditation, going for a peacful walk whilst taking in the nature around you is a lovely connect to the inner you. Give myself Reiki on a regular basis, treat myself to a reading, holistic therapy's when I can. (some may not know this but every medium I have ever met can't give themselves a full detailed reading and just like you seek guidance from spirit and the metapsychical world). Fear is big thing that stops us doing what we want to do, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown and fear of change, I can honestlt say with a open heart that all these fears have played apart in my own personal story. To acknowledge this is good, and go forth anyway. So saying that I will advertise myself a couple times a week in lots of different places, I will openly tell people what I do. ~ Be it with fear or courage do it anyway~ I will take control of my own existance, I'll say and do what I think is best for me, but also being considreate of others around me. Even when you want to do everything, things happen in life that simply mean compermise is unavoidable. I will start a more healthy lifestyle and not just diet, bad health as a spiral effect, I've seen and experiance this, and I know that some illness are not as simple to eat properly and exercise and you'll get better. I consider myself lucky and grateful for being healthy as I am. Being spritual healthy is also important to me and here a area that laughable for work I do that I have been negelegting. I will stop being unproductive, stop putting things off, saying I'll do that tomorrow, or next week. I am truly Grateful for the things in my life 5 things I'm grateful right now, why not write your own 1. 1- My family , 2- friends . My Health 3. My House 4. My car 5. My spiritual Gift I think that's a sneaky 6 there, but the list can go if I think about it, being grateful and acknowledging them is a important thing for anyone's life. I'm sure you can come up with at least a few yourself. Overall it's been quite cathodic to write this, the first thing I've wrote in weeks, I also hope that it helps you. ps- As I said I'll make my own retreat, I'm going to redecorate my bedroom to become my own retreat. pss- remember life is about blance you can treat yourself in may ways, so I won't be giving up the chocolate, hehe.

Bright Blessings

Tina x


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