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Email Reading Mystery

One of my frequently asked question, is how does a email readings work?

My general answer to people is I don't need the person in front of me to get a reading, spirit are the connection, I do need something like a name, email address, something that I know that I've got the right person to give the reading too. It's like a phone call to heaven, when I open up my connection, I repeat the given info and say right I'm doing a reading for and there address is, I'm establishing a connection to the person. The imagies and words and feelings come through just the same as if your sat in front of me, the only difference is your getting instance feedback from the client and if they need more info or it's something alittle different then you interpreting, but in my experiance it's a little different than to face to face reading in that, spirit know that your typing out the reading and keep the reading more simple as it were, but still with impact and clairity. I have been amazed with the feedback I recieved from my clients at what evidence has been bought through. One of the things people don't realise is that It takes quite a bit more effort to do a email then it does face to face, you can talk faster than you can type, also although I said they keep it more simple, you still have to work out the symbols they give and this is all on you, to give the right ones, and again this takes time.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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