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On going Attraction

I'm on more then a journey of discovery about law of attraction, the more I learn, it's whole new world of learning about life it's self. In it's basic form ie asking for parking space and so on, but it's vast subject matter, it can truly changed your life. Since taking a more serious look in to law of attraction, I have seen changes, all be it small, but I think that's for the best, working towards the bigger things, allows the mindset to catch up. what changes have I seen, on a positive week, doing all the exercise, I noticed generally more things going my way, more clients online and offline, more money. I say positive, because if your feeling negative I have noticed you just stay the same, and trying to remove the negative before feeling you should ask for anything, because I don't want to out any negative feel along with what I want. So what have I have done this month, I've listen to sublime law of attraction, also guided meditations on YouTube, on my best week i listened to one of these once a night for several nights. I've carried on reading about the subject and doing several of the exercises, my daily sayings Money loves me and I love money x 3 I am Abundant I am Rich I am awesome clairvoyant medium I see my dreams coming true , talking to myself out loud I might add, I see my little red mini all around me and I smile and say yes that's mine, yep I'm a little weird , when they see a lady driving in her car talking to herself, but who the hell cares, cause I don't. I like to listen to the meditations just before I go to sleep, it's relaxing as your in the alpha state, when your calm, relaxed and sleepy. Books I've read

The Manifestation manifesto by Forbes Robbins Blair I couldn't take everything from this book, so I would say take what seems right for you and leave the rest.

Manifest in 5 easy steps by Linda West Positive and easy to follow

Crystal Cash and Crystal cash spells, both by Amethyst Qu I liked both books and have purchased a few of the crystals recommended, one of the spells is simple to get green moss agate and to cleanse and focus your intention on the crystals

Bright Blessings

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