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5 Tips for improving your psychic development

5 Tips for improving your psychic development

  • Meditation is the key to development, for a beginner I would recommend a guided meditation, you can’t empty your mind completely just let your mind relax and let it flow, make sure you have a nice space and you won’t be disturbed, always imagine a white light covering you from head to toe.

  • Attending a circle, I suggest to try a spiritualist church first as they often hold development classes for a reasonable price, you can also look for local spiritual centre’s or inquire if there are any home circles, it’s always best that a Clairvoyant is running the class.

  • Oracle cards, they are brilliant for any stage, advance to beginner, there just

  • a tool, one that give you focus and let you get to the point quite quickly, you can also try several others tools, such as runes, tarot, holding jewellery, even holding the hands.

  • Trusting yourself, don’t punish yourself or put yourself down, I run a development circle and know my students sometimes feel a little frustrated that it’s not coming quick enough, or one week it’s great and another not very much at all, this is quite common, you are learning to bring your vibrations up as spirit are working with you. Don’t be tempted to make up or expand on your reading, always be honest in your readings and give what you get.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice...... It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, practice on anyone that will let you, family, friends, neighbours, and also there are plenty of spiritual Facebook pages for giving free readings.

Bright Blessings

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