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I'll do it Tomorrow?

Procrastination, Time wasting, yep I'm the biggest culprit.

We all have a million and one things to do, but I instead of doing them you find anything else but the task at hand, attempting to succeed to do it all, but really getting no where, is another thing to add to the train of thought.

For instance I've added a shop to my website, and done nothing to launch it, maybe looking at products I want to put on, talking about it, but not actually doing ANYTHING to accomplish the end goal.

So I've decided enough is enough, what is it that stops us?

I ask spirit and the answer they gave is fear and change. Fear that it will be a flop, that we'll be seen as a failure or that your afraid of the change it could bring, it would bring change, breaking the current bubble your life has been in for several years, what would life be like if you succeeded.

So I ask spirit again, how to overcome this, siting quietly, deep breathes and exam what is it deep down that stops you moving forward, what are you afraid of, look at it, exam it, make a acknowledgement of what it is that stopping you.

Make the decision TODAY no more, whatever it is that you want to get done, again sit quietly, exam it in detail, see all that it is.

For Instance Today I have launched my shop albeit it's small and not much on there, so I won't market it yet, but I've started, my will order my stock and put it all on when I get it.

I have made myself a To Do List, very important, put it in order of importance and just get it done.

Find that inner fire, embrace the hell out of change and go for it.

Look at your list and accomplish one thing at a time.

Get yourself a nice notebook, put in the bigger things into one list, and the daily tasks into another, lists, lists and more lists, :)

Bright Blessings

Tina x

Thanks for reading

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