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Is Black the new Positive Colour

Black has long been considerened a negative, Black magic for instance, black can be depressing, somber, black absorbs light, where as white radiates light. In different cultures Black repesent different things, India- black is evil, but it's also used to ward off evil intent, Africa -black is the colour of wisdom. Wearing black can bring different feelings, elegance, power, mystrey but also it can be depressing, think of those teenagers that wear black , going through their transformation from child to adult, in a sense they are like the butterfly going into the chrysalis and out comes the butterfly in the end, black is a perfect colour to hide away from the world, many lady's wear black as it's slimming and black retracts. In wicca Spell using Black candles, can be used to banish negativity, black can be a very positive colour use to absorbed illness and helping with bad habits. Black candle spell for banishing Negativity

One black candle. Piece of ribbon, any colour, different colour repents different emotions, do your research and your colour. Athame or something sharp, you can use your finger nail or a stick out of your garden. Centre yourself, by taking a moment to quiten your mind, deep breathes, visualize a beautiful golden light that covers you from head to toe, open your eyes, take the candle and carve in your desire or a symbolic word for intentions, this is different for everyone, it can be a place you love, you can put simply your name, light the candle , imagine all the negative energy moving away from you, mother earth is absorbing it for you, you can ask the goddess Durga she represents protective positive power , tie your ribbon to the bottom of the candle and say Negativity be gone, I ask light to come forth, clear my thoughts (repeat three time), harm none, so mote it be.

Bright Blessings to you all xx

Tina x

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