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Healing Spirit working with Children

Children are like little sponges, and are quite open to spirit before the age of seven, If you noticed that your child is specially sensitive to spiritual activity, or they especially kind or sensitive to those that are in need, they might not know quite how to deal with this and introducing healing is a gentle way to relive and learn how to cope with their own sensitivity, first of all the best way I find to work with children about spirit is talking about them in terms of angels when they’re very young, most of all is to be as honest as possible, I had a miscarriage many years ago and my daughter was seeing a little girl in her room from the age of about three, I told her she’d come to play and protect her, as she grew older, I told her about the miscarriage and that the girl she was seeing was her sister and I’d named her Angel. I also taught her as well as my other children that they should close their eyes and image themselves inside an egg, the outside is strong and nothing bad can get in.

Going back to healing, get them to imagine the egg and you can let them stroke a pet, hold a teddy or hold your hand , they can think happy thoughts and get them to tell you, engage the child in happy talk, talk about colours, it goes without saying that a child should never be forced or made to feel uncomfortable and they may never want to hold a person hand, they are more than likely to stroke and talk to a pet.

I know as a psychic child myself the above advice on the egg protection does go a long way in helping a psychic child to feel safe, as it was an aunt of mine that taught this to me as a very young child, I found that it is very important to be as open as possible and I know it's your instinct to protect your child from being scared and tell them that it's all nothing, to explain away what there feeling, seeing and sensing, I know my own mother did so with only the care for her child not being upset by unexplained things, I myself explain things to my children in different ways depending on the age and all children have different personality's, but in my own experiance I was left feeling confused and my mum found me crying at the age of 8 wanting to know about what happens when you die, why I was experiencing lots of weird stuff, my mum then took the chioce of taking me to our local spiritualist church, I found relief, I had an answer and was then happy to have found the answers.

Bright Blessings

Tina Roberts x

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