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Blue River Meditation

Set yourself up in a comfortable room, you can play soothing music if you like, have a read through the meditation, but you don't have to follow it to the letter.

Right your nice and comfortable, close your eyes and take nice deep breathes, relaxing your fingers and toes, dropping the shoulders, in your mind's eye see a beautiful bright light above your head, see this light travel down your body from head to toe, take yourself to your feet and see the roots of trees from the souls of the feet reach for the ground, burying themseves into the earth.

Now imagine your standing next to a river, it can be under the moon light or the sun is shining down on you let it come naturally, set your scence, what colours do you see, animals, plants, flowers ect, see a boat at the edge of the water, step into your boat and it drift down the river, look into the clear blue water, brightly colour fish surround the boat, the boat carries on and the water becomes a more vivid blue, take in all that you see and relax, it may be that you feel someone with you in the boat, a loved one or somebody new, nice deep breathes throughout, see what comes to you, when your ready to come back, thanks those that have been with you, ask them to go in love and light, now before you open your eyes see the light you saw at the start and a golden light added to it, see this light flow all around you, now you can open your eyes.

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