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Color Therapy

Enhance your life with the use of colour... Colours are all around you, ever wondered why you felt the need to buy that yellow jumper that doesn’t look good on you, or you chose that brown paint for your living room only to find you don’t like it, I was thinking this myself, so I asked my guides, and the answer I got was that subconsciously your mind is craving something in that colour, maybe that yellow was about brightness, something you need to address such as self-esteem, if you were to look at chakras then you can work out a lot of colours and what they mean. And perhaps it’s not the yellow jumper you needed to buy but a bunch of bright flowers, fill a bowl with lemons. Brown is a earthy colour and is connected to grounding yourself, simply placing your feet onto the earth, a bit of gardening, buying house plant, buying wooded frames for a picture and so on, brown is homely colour it’s the need to feel secure.

Colour has a very large impact in our daily lives, giving an understanding on many aspects of your life; colour can change your outlook, emotions and healing.

When you’ve had a hard day and your tired you may drawn to reds, orange and yellow, giving you the feeling of energy and warmth. Blues and purples are calming it may well be you have a blue bathroom, a relaxing soak and blue walls would induce relaxation. Green also is a relaxing colour, helping release tension. Choosing colour’s for various rooms in your house really does make a impact on you and your family, choose wisely.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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