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Psychic Attack

Feeling Drained without reason?

Many people can be a sensitive to spirit without realising it, and also pick negative vibes and emotions of others quite easily, ever wondered why you’re so tired when you speak to a certain person or work is very draining when it really shouldn’t be, It well could be that you’ve been under a psychic attack. EnergyVampire..... Those that are around you don’t purposely attack you, it’s just a stress in their life, it feels better if they have someone too talked about it and perhaps they really don’t know that being a negative person impacts on others. Remember it is always good to get things off your chest, but it’s something different to a constant moaner. Hear a few suggestions if you are a sensitive person- Grounding, imagine your feet are being planted in the ground, growing like a tree, see the earth cover your toes and feet, you can do this sitting at your desk.

Connecting to nature as much as you can thru out the day, take a breather, touch a tree, smell the flowers, surround your home with plants and flowers, wear crystals such as clear quartz and place them at your desk and home. Being a sensitive person also means you have the capability for great love and compassion, but it also means standing up for yourself, don’t let people take advantage, no can be a word in your vocabulary. If you feel that you are suffering with other people’s emotions, doing the grounding as suggested above at least once a day, when you get home, relax by making sure you’re eating a healthy diet and plenty of water, run yourself a bath, pop a few drops essential oils and maybe some sea salt.

As soon as soon as you realise that it’s not your emotion or illness, because it can manifest itself to illness such as a sudden headache, acknowledge it, ground yourself, also try imagine a beautiful white light that surrounds you from head to toe.

Bright Blessings

Tina Roberts x (indigowings)

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