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Animal Healing

Healing your pets

Everyone is capable of compassion and love, and giving healing in some form, animals are very aware and receptive to all these things, you can seek out people that are trained in animal healing, but it’s worth a try yourself. Try to arrange a quiet and relaxing time of day or night, set it up as if you were for you, relaxing music, low lighting, feel relaxed and calm yourself and your pet picks up your emotional state.

Start by imaging a beautiful golden light that covers you and your pet from head to toe, then see if your little one will let you stoke/pet them, if they do close your eyes if possible and imagine a blue light entering your pet watch it cover him/her from the inside out, if your pet doesn’t want to touch them that’s fine, just do the same without touch, you can breathe deep and see if your pet response, you can also see different colours, don’t push just let it flow.

Short but sweet xx

Bright Blessings

Tina Roberts x

My Babies Donte & Nyxie

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