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Crystal Chakra Clearing

Crystal Charka Clearing

There is a few ways to help clear your charka points, here’s two ways with crystals, first of all its best to make sure you won’t be disturbed, you can do this in a group of by yourself, both ways you are to lie down and make sure you are comfortable and warm, Placing crystal at your charka points, now the most easiest way to chose a crystal is to correspond the colour to the charka colour, crown- Violet, Third eye- Indigo, Throat- Blue, Heart-Green, Solar plexus- Yellow, Sacral- Orange, Root- Red, try to get a feel for crystals, I do not know all the crystal names, they are like little mini people to me (I know weird right), I’m drawn to some and not others, I feel there personality and know what I am meant to use them for. These are the crystals I use personally for charka clearing, crown- Amethyst, Third Eye- Lapis Lazuli, Throat- Blue calcite, Heart- Rose Quartz, Solar Plexus- Citrine, Sacral- Orange Calcite, Root- Obsidian, also you can use clear quartz as this crystal will enhance the others, and boost the energy. Use your own intuition, when searching for the right crystals for you.

The second way is using a pendulum, I use a rose Quartz or Amethyst crystal pendulum, If you are doing this by yourself then I suggest to shorten the chain and take a breather in-between charka points just so your arm doesn’t start to ache. Starting at the base/root charka, let the crystal swing whichever way it wants, moving up the charka’s the ones that are out of balance are the ones that don’t want to go clockwise, go over your charka points again, concentrate on letting out the negative energy out of each charka, see the colour of each point becoming brighter, clearer, and you want the pendulum to swing in a clockwise motion, don’t be upset if it won’t set right, it means that you need to work on the psychical area to which the charka which won’t clear, for instance the throat charka is about communication, to you need to get something of your chest.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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