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Haunting Times

Since it's Oct I'll give you just a few of my own paranormal experiences. I started from a very young age, and my fear of the dark is still with me even to this day. We lived in a very haunted house when I was very young, no older then seven years old, my first memory's of this house were the foot steps, I would be in bed and would here them, my mum would say I refused to go upstairs, and cry and throw a fit.

she said I was actually three years old when I would ask her why I couldn't play with the baby in the corner of my room, it had a monster with it, :0 . And why was the rug floating in the air, she would try to explain these things away, to reassure a young child. As were on the subject of this house, I don't know how my mum coped, as she had loads of experiances in this house, she also heard the footsteps, and countless other voices and noises, and in there great wisdom, my parents decided to have a seance, they sat in a circle with a few other family members, and called to the spirits, my mum said she felt this gust of wind go around the circle and she then felt something enter through the top of her head and through her body, she flung her arms out, and you can savely say they ended there.

We moved out of this house and the next one was quite, with ocassionaly guests. It wasn't til we moved to the next house and I was about fourteen, and yep we had moved into a haunted house, I was sitting on my bed reading horses magazines, when i felt the room go cold a purple mist was building in the doorway, the mist started to form a shape, I could see man's shoes and trousers, I completely froze and the fear rippled over my body with a cold shiver, I strung out of my frozen state, screaming my way through the house and bolting down the stairs towards my mother.

We moved again, luckily not to a haunted house, but I've always had spirit making themselves known to me, a haunted house is when the spirit stays with the house, I still have visitors to what ever house I've lived in, currently I'm have high activity in my house, I woke up at 5am and heard a women's voice, saying are you sure that's what she wants. no idea what they were talking about. Bright Blessings

Sleep tight xx

Tina x

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