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Law Of Attraction Journey

Law of Attraction Without even realizing it I've used the law of atrraction all my life. When I was roughly ten years old I really really wanted a pony, my cousin had one, and I lived and breathe Horses and pony's. I got myself two horse brushes and a hoof pick? and I would go a local stables, where my cousin had moved her pony to board, I could ride most of the pony's, but still didn't have my own. I remember sitting at the end of my road with my brushes and yes a hoof pick and imagining brushing my own pony. Then when I was 11 years old my mum had got the money together and bought me my first pony Jasmine. To cut a long story short, my mother knew nothing about buying ponies and the lady at the stables was a little nutty to say the least, we ended up having to sell Jasmine and trying to get away from this women. But my horsey tale doesn't stop, nope my father had a new girlfreind and she grew up around horses and they decided to get me a my first horse Caroline.

This is me at 15 with my third horse Roamny

The next story I can relate to Law of Attraction, again is when I was young, I would see Mini and Bettel cars and really liked them, my prefence was the Mini, I said that when I grew up i would have a mini car. My first car was a automatic Sky blue Mini. There are many other story's I can say, and how did I achieve them, I simply visualized the thing I wanted, I put myself in the moment. Yet I think I forgot along the way, at what you can achieve, the big things in life. I would ask for car parking space and always get one, I would ask for a break in the road for turning. just small things. I was talking to another Clairvoyant, you use the law of attraction don't you she said, I replied yes, she then said but you keep it small why?, she then asked, don't you believe you deserve all the wonders in life. I said yes. she went on to say , reach big, dream big, ask for bigger. In the past few weeks I have been reading, watching vids, and listerning to meditations, so I'm going to start a the law of attraction journey in the bigger way and I will keep you updated. Books I've read so far Get Rich Luck Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas This book had lots of useful tips and was really positive read, I personally don't mind a little swearing, it's a great read, I haven't read the first one yet, but it's on my list. Wildly Wealthy by Sandy Forster This book I can really relate to, I hope to achieve some of the success that Sandy has achieved, anyone of you that knows that being poor is no fun at all, will love to read this uplifting book, on your journey to being successful with the law of attraction.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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