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Things that go bump in the night

As you can imagine I experience a lot of bumps in the night and the day for that matter, so I thought I’d tell you the last few weeks what’s happen at my house, and maybe you’d like to tell me yours bumps as well, what a lot of you might not now about me is that I’m a bit of a a scardy cat.

I never watch horrors and I hate the dark, but I can do clairvoyant readings all day long and not feel any fear what’s so ever, and when do spirit decide to do most of their little things, yep at night. Only last night 2am my baby girl wakes and I hear the noise of the light switch in the bathroom, at first I thought it was one of my other children, but they were all fast asleep, well as you can imagine it was a mad dash to the kitchen for a bottle and back, all the while asking spirit to behave and not scare me. And again on another week I was lying in bed early morning and felt the bed dip right beside me and the feeling of a cat pawing there bed to get comfortable, this didn’t scare me as like I said it’s night time that gets me. It seems spirit really want to be acknowledged in my house especially the last few days, whilst in the middle of writing this I went down stairs to get something for the baby, and her toy went off and it’s one of those toys where it has to be pressed in ordered for it to work.

I also have it countless times where I’m just about to go to sleep and I hear my name being shouted out to me. I have a few people ask me a few question on spirit contact, with one lady telling me she was lying in bed a felt that she could not move, unable to speak, I've also experienced this a few times, some say its your body and spirit coming into line as your spirit has been on a journey as you've slept, others say that its spirit coming to close your aura, it only lasts a few secouds but feels alot longer, whatever you make of it it's not anything to worry about.

Bright Blessings

Sleep well xxx

Tina x

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