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 Printable Animal Love Guidance Oracle Deck.


Print from home- Digital Down Load.

You will not reiceve  physcial copy this is a digital down load.



Animal Love Guidance Oracle Deck , 20 designs with one card design for the back.

Printable Animal Love Guidance Oracle Cards, 20  Digital Instant Downloadable Oracle Cards, Print your own Cards.
**Instant Down** ** Digital Cards** ** Printable Cards**

Hi I'm Tina and  I work as a clairvoyant medium, Spiritual life coach, spiritual teacher and a Eclectic witch and I was drawn to the images chosen and put the deck together, as I am with all the decks I create, hand made or digital, these came about as I was being drawn to the animals an evolved into the feeling of loving coming through, so they birthed as a love deck.

Animals are full of energy and are pure in there intent, using your intuitive mind you can connect this beautiful energy and get the answers you seek.

**These are a digital cards you will NOT receive a physical deck.**

Card size- 2.75 by 4.75inches


Printable Animal Love Guidance Oracle Deck

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