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Pentagram Spread Psychic Email Reading

Readings can take 3 to 5 days to be deliverd, depending on demand

Using Spell-casting oracle deck I pull 6 cards to form the pentagram reading

1- The present
2- Air (change)
3- Water (Guidance)
4- Fire (Challenge)
5-Earth (Grounding)
6- Spirit (solution)

This a fab reading with an all round look at your life, is there an area that you want to look at, spiritual paths, career, business, love/relationships or a general look at whats to come in for you.
I along with my guides will take an in-depth look at whats to come for you.

Hi I'm Tina and I am a clairvoyant medium with over 15 years of working professional as a spiritual guide for others and many more before that, I have been spiritual aware as a young child and was only 10 years old when I did my first readings for my mother's friends, it is a passion and a love of mine to work with spirit and pass on their love and advice.

Disclaimer - Due to UK law I have to inform you that all metaphysical offerings such as psychic/clairvoyant readings are for entertainment  purposes only, they are not to substitute professional medical, legal or money advice, we all have free will. over 18's only, by purchasing this reading you saying you are over 18.

Pentagram Spread Psychic Email Reading

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