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Mini Beasts Oracle Deck/ 22 Hand-made Cards along with a guide on the interpretation of each card in the deck.

These cards came to me in a meditation on what type of oracle cards I could create and it was the image of the bee that first came to me and spirit lead me to the other little mini beasts.

You can pull out one card a day for a message a day or have a moment to pull a few cards for a fuller message, sitting in the quiet and letting your intuitive mind be a guide to you on how you feel the message is meant to be within that moment in time.

As a clairvoyant and an artist I felt spirit push me to start to design and make these cards, along with the beautiful messages from spirit with these cards.

Inspired by the stunning UK nature.These beautiful hand-made cards are printed onto 300gsm thick matte paper.

Allow for differences as these are hand-painted and therefore unique.

 Although these will come with a guide, when I teach classes on spiritual development I always encourage the reader to sense what they feel coming from the images themselves and then go to the guide if needs be.

cards are roughly just over 5cm width and roughly just over 8cm in length        
Printed on 300gsm thick matte paper.

Everything is 100% designed and made by me from the original painted deck to printing and cut.

Mini Beast Oracle Deck

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