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Golden Goddess Oracle Deck, 33 cards hand-made oracle deck with guide/Wicca Alter/Witchcraft Tool.

Empowerment and high vibration cards, bringing you the love and power from spirit and the goddess energy.

All images are drawn, and painted and printed 100% by myself, I have put so much love and empowerment in these cards with my guides and the love of spirit in the hope that it inspires something in you.

Sitting in the quiet and holding the cards for a moment and ask spirit what you need to hear in this moment, you can do a daily card and see what comes out for you and how that makes you feel, or a pull a few cards for a fuller message.

Hi I'm Tina I work as a clairvoyant medium and I combine my love of working with spirit and my love of art, I have felt inspired to create this
oracle deck, Golden Goddess, spirit kept showing these beautiful images that shine full of loving energy and empowerment, meant to guide you to bring your energy up and be a guide to your journey along the way, great for beginners and advance.

 Although these will come with a guide, when I teach classes on spiritual development I always encourage the reader to sense what they feel coming from the images themselves and then go to the guide if needs be.

Please note there maybe some variations, I do add paint and different touches after I've printed and the back is painted not printed due to the paint and gold leaf.

cards are just shy of 14cms in length and 9cms in width.
Printed onto 300gsm thick card.
All images are 100% designed, drawn, painted and printed by me in small batches.

Golden Goddess Oracle Deck

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