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Get ready to have your energy centers spinning in harmony with a Chakra Balancing Intuitive Psychic Email Reading!


Chakras are like your body's power plants, each one holding a unique role in your life force energy. From the Crown to the Root, these seven energy hot spots can affect how you feel, think and act.


This reading is no quickie, taking me over two hours to complete! I'll tune into your chakras and see what messages they're sending out. For example, a blocked Throat Chakra might make you feel like you can't speak up about your problems, leaving you feeling stuck. But don't worry, I'll connect with spirit to get the scoop on what's blocking you and send you some handy advice on how to unblock and get moving again.


And for an extra boost, I'll send you some chakra balancing energy at a distance. Get ready to feel the good vibes!

Chakra Balancing Psychic Reading

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