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Aura and Healing Psychic Email Reading


Get ready for a cosmic journey! Your aura is like a colorful force field around you, radiating your inner self to the outside world. It's like a mood ring, showing different colors that reflect your emotions and experiences. If you're feeling down, your aura could be filled with murky grey tones, deepening as your emotions intensify. But, if you're a bright spark, your aura could be glowing with a vibrant yellow hue, a sign of intelligence and creativity!

Your aura also gives a sneak peek of your personality and what's in store for you. With my healing intuition and psychic powers, I'll give you an in-depth email reading, including a free distance Reiki session, to help you navigate your life path. Get ready to receive a PDF email reading, sent straight to your inbox!



Aura and Healing Psychic Reading

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