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Banish Negative Energy

You would be amazed how negativity energy can impact on your daily life, just think about it how many times do you say things like this, I can’t do that, I’d be rubbish at that, someone else is better than me, I feel stupid, I feel fat, there are so many that I probably could carry on writing, but could I or you say the same for positive thoughts.

Here’s a experiment for you, write down every time a negative thought enters your mind compared to positive, it also goes for negative situations, and it’s sad really that I bet you can remember in detail a negativity situation in more detail then you can a positive, for example when working as a mobile hairdresser I would meet countless lovely people and I’m not saying that I don’t remember them I do, but more as a whole, but the very few completely horrible people that I’ve met has made more of impact on me, I’d like to think that it wouldn’t have the same effect now as it did a few years ago, I’ve always been quite a positive person for every knock down and I’ve had quite a few, I’ve picked myself up and carry on with more determined mind set, and I do try to have a positive thought set, I’m not totally there, I have days where I’m more positivity then others, why not try, I can do that, I’m intelligent person, for every negative thought try to switch it to a positive. Give it a try, positive mind, will bring all the world of good.

Bright Blessings

Tina x

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