Fairy Oracle Video Reading     

                                                                                                                                        So what to expect with this reading.

I have always had a love of outer realms ie, fairies, unicorns,the mythical side of our worlds, and love to connect to the pure beauty and high vibes of the fae and other beings, as I work frequently with Angels and goddess energies.

Back to the fairies, I usual take a walk in nature and this can also mean my garden as I know I feel their energy around my home and garden, I let there vibes fill me, whilst I also connect to your energy and let them give me insights to your pathways in life and what magic needs to bought to your world, it is a beautiful reading, filled with love, high energy that I will pass onto you in a distance healing session.

I will record your reading and send it to you, via facebook or whatsapp or email.




Disclaimer- by law I have to inform you that all readings, spells any metaphysical service is for entertainment purposes only.

Fairy Oracle Video Reading

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