Past Life Clairvoyant Psychic Email Reading

Our past life's very much have an effect on the present life we lead in the now, I connect to my guides whom chosse the most revelent past life's that have had impact in this life.
we can a have a repeat pattern that shows up in each life, once we have gain the knowledge then we can learn what will release us from this pattern.

This Reading covers One past life, this is an indepth reading that looks at the past life and what it's impact is on the present one.
Do you ever wonder why your attracted to a certain hobby, music, country, or perhaps a time in history.

Hi I'm Tina a clairvoyant medium, I have worked with spirit for most of my life, and doing professional readings now for nearly 15 years, it is my passion in life to help pass on guidance from spirit.
Tina x

Disclaimer- for legal reasons I have put that  all readings, healings are for entertainment purpose only

Past life Psychic Email Reading

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