Moon Cycle Psychic Indepth Email Reading

Along with spirit I work with Moon Oracle cards as well as connection to the moon cycles and see what messages are within the beauty of mother moon.

New Moon- the beginning, setting intentions, new ideas, thinking of this time of planting the seeds.

Waxing Cresent- Growth, moving forward, the seed is starting to rise from the ground and reach for the light.

First Quarter- Strength, decision making, action, growing that plant now with focused energy.

Waxing Gibbous- Refining, planning the details, the plant starting to bloom.

Full Moon- Completion, fertilty, abundance, coming into full bloom.

Waning Gibbous- Removing bad habits, revealing what you no longer need in your life, the leaves are falling away, shedding.

Third Quarter- focusing what is good for you, allowing anything negative to flow away, the plant going into the ground, focusing on nurture the mother earth, focus on the higher self.

Waning Cresent Moon- the end of the old, meditation, contemplation, getting ready to plant that seed again.


Hi I'm Tina, I am a clairvoyant medium and have been doing professional readings for roughly 15 years now and many before that, I have had a connection with spirit since a young child, and it's a passion of mine to pass on spirit's loving advice, I also connect to higher realms and other beings such as angels and fairies and I have always been drawn towards the moon and it's energies.

Disclaimer- due to law, I have to inform you that all readings are for entertainment purposes only, any advice given is not to be instead of any professinal legal or medical advice, over 18's only.


Moon Cycle Psychic Email Reading

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