Universal Healing, Reiki brings a harmony to the body, allowing natural healing, Reiki is an unseen life force energy.

The healing energy is all around us, as a reiki therapist I have tapped in to the energy, allowing me to pass on that universal energy to you, via hands on or distance healing.

As in all things we are all connected, using distance healing symbol and I will use an objest such as a photo or reiki teddy bear, with your infomation to connect too.                                                                                                                                                                                Full name of person is needed.

Reiki can be used to heal physical pain, stress relief, relaxation, remove limiting beliefs, clear karma, and any emotional issues.                                                                                                                         We can focus on whatever you would like during the your session.                                                                                                                    I will need your name so that I may connect to your energy.




Disclaimer- for legal reasons I have put that  all readings, healings are for entertainment purpose only

Distance Reiki Healing Session

  • This is for a 30 min session of distant.                                                            I will connect with your energy and do the healing all while you can relax from the comfort of your own home .                                                                The session will take place at a pre arranged time so that the recipient can get the most out of the session.                                                              Following the session I will send you a message reporting what I found and how the session went. Please note nothing will be physically shipped to you everything is done remotely.

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