Crystal Healing Psychic Email Reading

This Reading is a general reading, I use crystals during your healing session, and also using crystal oracle cards for your reading, I will let you know which crystals spirit advice for you to use for yourself and why and what this advice means for your present and future.

 Along with the email reading you will recieve a healing a 30min session, there is no need to do anything on your side of things, if you would to know what time I'll be doing your healing session, let me know.
I always had a fascination with crystals for as long as I can remember not only for there beauty but for there different abilities that can become part of our life's

Hi I'm Tina, I have been giving professional readings for nealry 15 years and more before that, I have been spiritual aware from a very young age, and it's a passion and love of mine to pass on any spiritual guidance to enhance people's life's.

Disclaimer- for legal reasons the law is that I have to inform you that all readings, spells, healings and any spiritual service is for entertainment purposes only, and person's of 18 only may puchase these types of offerings, the advice given is NOT to taken instead of medical, legal, please make sure you see a professional for legal or medical problems.

Crystal Healing Psychic Email Reading

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