Cross roads Intuitive Email Reading


Are you feeling in a muddle, not knowing which way to turn, maybe your feeling confused about if your on the right path.


Life throws us many pathways and we quickly can become overwhelmed, not knowing which way to turn, then this is the reading for you.


With the help and guidance of spirit, I can help clear the fog and bring in the light you may well need at this time.


With this reading you can ask up to 5 questions or the situation your having any worry with ie career or perhaps love life.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Bright Blessings

Tina x



Disclaimer- Disclaimer- due to law changes I have to inform you the all clairvoyant/psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and in no way to be put in place of professional legal and medical advice, always seek professional doctor or lawyer where needed.

Cross Roads Intuitive Email Reading

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