Chakra Healing Intuitive Reading


Chakra's the bodies life force energy, chakra meaning Wheel in Sanskrit,   7 energy spots starting at the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root, all relate to different energy areas throughtout the body and each will give a reading.


For this reading I tap into your Chakra points and see what energy they give off, your body sends off messages within the chakras, for instance if the throat chakra is blocked, we often feel like we can't talk about our situtions or that we need to get things of our chest but are unable to too, this can cause problems in other areas of your life, I will connect with spirit and along with them, I search through give a healing and a reading, the aim of this reading is two fold it's about recieveing loving advice from spirit and clearing out any stagnet energy from the body.

You will also recieve advise on what you can do to clear anything that's holding you back that relates to the chakra system.


Please also note that this reading  can take me 1-2hrs to complete.



Disclaimer- for legal reasons the law is that I have to inform you that all readings, spells, healings and any spiritual service is for entertainment purposes only, and person's of 18 only may puchase these types of offerings, the advice given is NOT to taken instead of medical, legal, please make sure you see a professional for legal or medical problems.

Chakra Healing Intuitive Reading

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