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Aura energy surrounds our whole body's, it's the soul showing itself on the outside, the aura colours tells us lots of things that are going on within our lives, for instance if your going throug a low mood peirod then this will show in the aura's energy through colour, often it's murky grey going deeper in depth depending on emotions your feeling.
It can also show your personality and traits, such as a person with alot of yellow for instance is a person that is very intelligant and bright, the aura also gives us a glimpse of what is to come and along with spirit I can read the aura and give you all the knowledge you need for your life path.

This Reading also has a Healing session, whlist typing the reading I will be giving out healing and also after I go into a deeper healing session using my Reiki and spiritual connections for around 30mins.


Please also note that reading can take me up to 2hrs to complete.

Disclaimer- By law I have to say that all readings, Healings are for entertainment purposes only, that we all have free will, you should seek professinal medical and legal advice, you must be 18yrs old and over to purchase this reading

Aura Healing Psychic Email Reading

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