12 month , month by month Email Reading

Hi my name is Tina and welcome to Indigo wings , I am a Clairvoyant Medium, I've had knowledge and been able to communicate with Spirit since a  very young age, I love nothing more then passing on from your and my guides and loved ones invauable advice.

This reading is a 12 month reading, I will tap into each month and give my insights on what spirit bring me,  starting with the month you buy in unless it's right at the end, then I will start fom the next month.
This is a very big reading and takes me roughly 2 hours or more to complete, taking you through each month at a time, you hopefully enlighten some on your year ahead of you, we all have free will, and our paths often take a change depending on descisions you will make, I ask spirit to give their very best advice for you in each month and you will be able to take from that what you will, using it as a spiritual guide from you loved ones.

You can see my feedback on bmystic under the name butterflyroberts, also see my reviews on my facebook page-www.facebook.com/indigowings

I will need the name of whom I'm reading for please.

Bright Blessings

Tina xx

Disclaimer- for legal reasons I have put that all readings, healings are for entertainment purpose only

12 month Psychic Email Reading

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